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What is a Forty-foot Equivalent Unit?

A Forty-foot Equivalent Unit (FEU) is a standard unit of measurement used in the shipping industry to quantify the capacity of cargo containers. It represents the volume and size of a standard 40-foot shipping container. FEUs are commonly used to calculate shipping costs and to compare the capacity of different container types.

Types of FEUs?

  1. Standard FEU

    The standard FEU refers to a standard 40-foot container with a height of approximately 8 feet and 6 inches (2.6 meters). It is the most commonly used type of container in maritime shipping and is suitable for a wide range of cargo types, including dry goods, machinery, and equipment.
  2. High cube FEU

    A high cube FEU, also known as a high cube container, has the same length and width as a standard 40-foot container but offers increased height. Typically, a high cube FEU has a height of around 9 feet and 6 inches (2.9 meters), providing extra space for tall or bulky cargo that cannot fit into standard containers.

  3. Reefer FEU

    A reefer FEU, short for refrigerated FEU, is a specialized type of container equipped with refrigeration units for transporting temperature-sensitive cargo such as food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Reefer FEUs maintain precise temperature control throughout the shipping process, ensuring the integrity and freshness of perishable goods.

These different types of FEUs cater to the diverse needs of the shipping industry, offering versatility, efficiency, and specialized features to accommodate various types of cargo and logistical requirements.