How Interworld operates:
A comprehensive Guide to Shipping Container Transportation

Booking and Scheduling: Seamlessly Setting Sail

Our journey together begins the moment you share your shipping plans with us. We tap into our network of top-tier shipping lines, matching your specific needs and timelines to ensure everything is set for a smooth departure. It’s like putting together a puzzle – you provide the pieces in the form of your shipping instructions, and we meticulously place each piece where it belongs, preparing for a flawless execution.

Loading and Transit: Guiding Your Cargo Home

From the moment your merchandise is ready to set sail, we’re on it. Whether it’s coordinating with the shipping line or a trusted trucking partner, we make sure your cargo hits the road on time and gets to the port without a hitch. But our job doesn’t stop at the loading dock. We keep a watchful eye on your container, making sure it’s moving as planned, from warehouse to port, onto the ship, and smoothly through its voyage. It’s like tracking a star through the sky, ensuring it keeps its course through the night.

Unloading and Delivery: The Final Leg of the Journey

As your container touches down at its destination, we’re already steps ahead, ensuring it moves from ship to shore and into the waiting arms of the destination warehouse. For FCL shipments, it’s a direct journey to its final stop. For LCL, we oversee the delicate dance of deconsolidation, ensuring each piece reaches its final destination intact and on time. It’s the art of bringing goods home, handled with care and precision.

Container Options and Specifications: Custom Solutions for Every Need

Our toolbox is filled with an array of container options to fit every type of cargo. Whether it’s a compact 20ft or an expansive 45ft High Cube, for everything from the everyday to the extraordinary, we’ve got the container for the job. Need to keep it cool? Our Reefer containers are at the ready. Have something that doesn’t quite fit the mold? Our Open Top and Flat Rack containers are designed for the job at hand. It’s about having the right tools for every challenge.

Shipping Methods: Tailored for Every Consignment

Our approach to shipping is as diverse as the cargo we carry. From FCL for those all-in-one shipments to LCL for when you’re sharing the ride, we’ve got you covered. Need to roll? Our Roro services make it easy for vehicles and machinery. For the oversized and the out-of-the-ordinary, our Breakbulk and Open Top services ensure that no cargo is left behind. It’s about providing a custom fit, no matter the size or shape of the cargo.

In essence, our service is about more than just shipping containers from point A to point B. It’s about understanding the unique journey of each shipment and ensuring it’s handled with the utmost care and precision every step of the way. From the initial booking to the final delivery, we’re here to make sure your cargo’s journey is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Shipping Containers to the Rest of the World

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Container Shipping Cost and Rates

Container shipping is one of the most economical methods of international freight transportation for businesses and individual purposes. In many cases, the cost is a fraction of that associated with shipping an equivalent volume of goods as air freight, for example. 
Container shipping can also be cheaper than other ocean freight modes because of its standardized nature, which keeps handling to a minimum during loading and discharge activity.
It’s important to note, though, that container shipping prices fluctuate continually, and include several factors. 
For instance, the overall price for a given FCL shipment will include the shipping container costs as well as the cost of transportation, which itself can vary according to elements such as seasonality, shipping capacity, and the price of fuel for container vessels.
LCL container shipping prices are calculated in a different way, typically using a volumetric weight formula, so the shipping container costs will not be a direct factor in pricing, and you pay on the basis of the dimensions and weight of your shipment.

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Industries We Serve



Our dedicated aerospace logistics team is always ready to help you with international FCL or LCL shipping for aircraft parts and other aviation industry essentials.

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Chemical Industry

Benefit from our razor-keen, up-to-date awareness of the health, safety, and environmental compliance obligations involved in transporting chemical products as containerized freight.

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We ensure safe and secure FCL and LCL ocean freight shipping for sensitive and valuable electronic goods, and we offer a range of value-added services to support your electronics brand.

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Food & Beverage

Access our ambient, ventilated, and temperature-controlled container shipping services for your LCL and FCL ocean freight. Your food & beverage products are always in safe hands with Interworld Freight.

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We specialize in shipping all building materials, including fragile cargo such as glass and ceramics. Choose our door-to-door container shipping solutions for maximum speed and minimal handling.

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Types of Container Shipping Services

The great thing about container shipping is its multimodal nature. We help you to exploit that with our two core service ranges for FCL and LCL freight.


Ocean Freight

Unless the origin and destination of your cargo are separated by land borders only, ocean freight shipping will form the primary element of international transportation. We can move your freight from port to port as a full container load, or, if you don’t require the entire capacity of a shipping container, you can take advantage of our LCL consolidated freight forwarding.

Road Freight

Enjoy trouble-free transportation for your LCL freight from its place of origin to a consolidation hub, and then on to your chosen container port. For a full container load (FCL), we’ll haul your loaded and sealed unit directly to the port for embarkation on the international leg of its journey. After unloading at the port of discharge, our road freight services ensure prompt and safe delivery of goods to their final destination. We also offer domestic and cross-border trucking for containerized goods that don’t need to undergo maritime transportation, and for full truckload and less-than-truckload freight.