Key Service Features: Project Cargo


Complete Project Cargo Solutions

Interworld plans and executes project cargo logistics throughout the Americas and worldwide, handling transits over land to remote areas and by ocean or air transportation via key gateways. We also undertake projects involving any combination of air, land, and sea project cargo services.

Special Equipment

Due to the dimensions and weight of project cargo, our project team has a range of specialized equipment at its disposal, including cranes and heavy haulage vehicles to load and unload your freight.

Documentation and Compliance

We’ll manage all documentation required for the transportation of your cargo, and ensure compliance with the formalities involved in transporting oversized or overweight loads by road.

When Your Cargo is Bigger, Interworld is Better

Interworld has access to a diverse and comprehensive range of specialized equipment and partnerships with multiple carriers able to transport your oversized, out-of-gauge, or break-bulk cargo to destinations throughout the Americas and around the world.

Our project cargo freight forwarders take care of all aspects of the transportation process, including selecting appropriate equipment and carriers, route planning, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. Our project cargo services include packing and crating, loading and unloading, transportation by road, rail, sea, or air, customs clearance at international borders, and documentation.

We work closely with our customers to understand their specific requirements and develop customized logistics solutions, and our experts are standing by to share their expertise—so if you need to get a big load on the road, on the water, or in the air, contact a team member today.


Tailored Transportation Solutions

Project cargo shippers require customized solutions designed to meet their specific needs. Project cargo forwarders have the expertise and resources to match solutions to a cargo's size, weight, and destination.

Cost Savings

Freight forwarders offering project cargo logistics services establish partnerships with specialist carriers, enabling them to negotiate realistic transportation rates for their customers. When compared to a shipper negotiating directly with shipping lines, airlines, or road carriers, the lower rates accessible to forwarding specialists translate into significant cost savings, especially for complex cargo shipping projects.

Compliance and Regulatory Expertise

Project cargo freight forwarders have extensive knowledge of domestic and international regulations and compliance requirements. Shippers can benefit from this expertise to ensure their cargo is transported safely and legally.


Access to Vessels and Conveyances

Interworld has a well-established network giving us access to vessels operating in our trade lanes exclusively, along with the specialized equipment and conveyances necessary for moving project cargo over the road. 


Single Voyage or Staged Shipments

Project cargo is not always possible to ship in a single voyage, a fact that our experts are well aware of. Part of our customer promise is to ensure every project is optimized, meaning we determine how to get the cargo from origin to destination in the most cost-efficient manner, either in one trip or a staged sequence of shipments.


No Shipment is Too Large

Whether you have large and complex mining machinery destined for remote areas of Latin America, or sophisticated telecommunications equipment that needs careful treatment on its journey over rough terrain, Interworld’s project cargo transportation team can manage the logistics and ensure safe delivery of the assets.


Time and Resource Savings

Interworld Freight has the expertise and resources to handle all project cargo services, from planning and logistics to transportation and delivery. When you place your project cargo logistics in the hands of our experts, you will benefit not only from significant savings, but also total peace of mind.


Aircraft and Vessel Charter Made Easy

For destinations not served by standard air or sea trade lanes, or cargo demanding unusual transportation capabilities, Interworld’s specialized project cargo services include arrangement of aircraft or vessel charter at competitive rates. 

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