Key Features of our Road Freight Services


FTL Shipping

When you need to ship large freight consignments over long distances by road, Interworld Freight’s full truckload shipping service offers flexibility, security, and fast delivery. Our FTL carrier network spans the entire continental United States.

LTL Shipping: For Smaller Loads

For smaller quantities of road freight, less than truckload shipping is an economical and practical option. We’ll arrange collection of your shipment, consolidation, line haul transportation, deconsolidation, and last-mile delivery to its final destination.

Expedited Shipping: For Speedy Delivery

When your shipment requires speedy delivery, Interworld Freight will arrange an expedited transit. Our expedited trucking freight rates are competitive, and we only work with carriers known for outstanding customer service.

A Truckload of Care for Our Customers

At Interworld Freight, we’ve been providing full and partial truckload services across the United States for three decades, so our road freight experts know the industry inside out. They collaborate closely with all the carriers in our vast national network, to move our customers’ goods quickly, efficiently, and securely around the country.

Our truck freight rates are affordable because we compete aggressively on price due to our company’s scale and purchasing power—and as a truly customer-centric freight forwarder, the interests of your business are always our primary consideration.

Beyond the operational aspect of road freight transportation, we offer strong, reliable, and timely customer support. Our specialists are always on hand to ensure your logistics needs are met, from the moment you request a truck freight quote until your shipment has been delivered.

In short, whatever your road freight challenge, we have the solution to meet it—so why not get in touch and let us tell you more?


Trucking: The Flexible Option

Trucks can access virtually any location that has a road network, making them highly flexible for transporting goods to both urban and rural locations. Trucks also come in many shapes and sizes, enabling you to ship just about any cargo, no matter how large, bulky, heavy, small, or fragile, over the road, either domestically, or across international land borders. In some cases, you can even ship truckloads across bodies of water if a roll-on-roll-off (RORO) ferry service is available.


Trucking: The Faster Option

Trucks are generally faster than other modes of transport, such as trains or ships, especially over shorter distances. FTL shipping is typically a faster method than LTL, simply because with FTL, the shipper has full control of the consignment whereas LTL freight must first be consolidated so it can share truck space with the goods of other shippers—and, of course, it also needs deconsolidation before delivery to its final destination. Expedited shipping, meanwhile, typically guarantees that time-sensitive goods will be delivered securely and on time, albeit at increased truck freight rates. 


Trucking: The Versatile Option

Trucks can carry a wide variety of goods, including hazardous materials, heavy machinery, mining equipment, chemicals, dairy products, refrigerated goods—and a whole lot more besides. In a nutshell:  trucks can haul just about anything. Even very large items that would not typically be considered portable, such as heavy plant and industrial equipment, can be transported by road with specialized heavy haulage vehicles. 


Interworld FTL: You’re in Control

With Interworld's full truckload shipping service, you decide when and where your load is picked up and dropped off—and you maintain control of the loading and unloading of the cargo.

Shipping at FTL trucking freight rates gets you exclusive use of a vehicle from your shipment’s origin to its destination. Indeed, FTL can even be useful if you can’t fill a truck, but want your goods isolated and secure during transportation.


Interworld LTL: Standard and Expedited Options

While standard LTL road freight can spend longer in transit than FTL, our services also include several expedited options for those situations where time is not on your businesses’ side. Our expedited less than truckload shipping services include guaranteed by 5pm and guaranteed by noon, so you can always find the right combination of economy and urgency.


Specialized Trucking: Industry-specific Expertise

We’re continually upgrading our road freight shipping skills and expertise, and that extends to understanding the needs of specific industries. Our logistics teams boast specialists in goods transportation for the automotive, pharmaceutical, construction, technology, and mining sectors.

Interworld Delivery: From the First to the Last Mile

When you need an end-to-end solution for your supply chain in the United States, we can load your cargo from your warehouse or any location of your choice and transport it to its destination. At the other end of the supply chain, we deconsolidate loads and deliver individual packages to your customers via our last-mile delivery services.


Interworld Reliability: 30 Years of Experience

As a road freight forwarder of 30 years standing, we’ve moved many thousands of tons of FTL and LTL freight around the United States. During this time, we’ve built a solid reputation for reliability and on-time delivery, as many of our satisfied customers will be pleased to testify.

Interworld: Your One-Stop Freight Forwarder


Air Freight

In addition to being a road freight forwarder, Interworld provides domestic, regional, and worldwide air freight shipping services, including charter and express air freight. We also offer multimodal shipping—a combination of air and ocean carriage that balances speed with economy. We have a wide network of flight operators on board, allowing us to forward your cargo by air to most gateways in Latin America and around the globe.

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Ocean Freight

Interworld is a powerful maritime shipping force, offering global coverage but specializing in moving ocean freight between the United States and Latin America. As one of the largest NVOCCs moving freight southwards from the US, we’re able to provide shippers with economies of scale and to protect cargo space—compelling benefits when global events conspire to challenge your supply chain

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These Companies Choose Interworld


Road freight rates are influenced by fuel costs, distance, cargo type, and carrier. Contact local freight companies for up-to-date pricing.

Costs are typically based on mileage, weight or volume of the cargo, type of service (express, standard), and any additional services like special handling.

Instant road freight quotes can be obtained by providing shipment details to a freight service provider through their online platform or direct contact.

Common goods include consumer products, electronics, perishables, machinery, and construction materials, suited for short to medium distances.

Consider factors such as cargo type, urgency, budget, and service reviews. Compare different providers to find one that best meets your specific requirements.

Road freight offers flexibility, door-to-door delivery, and is cost-effective for short distances. It also facilitates easier tracking and faster loading and unloading times.

Most carriers provide tracking solutions via their websites or apps, allowing you to monitor your shipment’s progress using a tracking number.

Yes, restrictions can include hazardous materials, oversized or extremely heavy items, and perishables requiring special conditions, depending on country and carrier regulations.