Our Key Air Freight Service Features


From the United States

As part of our air freight services, Interworld Freight can receive, load, and deliver cargo from any major gateway in the US to airports for forwarding to markets in Latin America and beyond.


With our air-to-air transhipment services we collect your freight from any airport, move it in bond to our hub in Miami, and send it on by air to its final destination. We follow a similar process for our air-to-sea and sea-to-air multimodal services.
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Charter, Part-Charter, and Express

When you need goods moved urgently our time-definite express service is at your disposal. For unusual or obscure destinations our air charter service can deliver your freight—literally— to the ends of the Earth.

Speed, Reliability, Security: Interworld’s Air Freight Promise

When time is of the essence and ocean shipping cannot fulfill the need for speed, our air freight shipping services will help you to meet your deadlines. They include charter and express air freight as well as multimodal shipping—a combination of air and ocean carriage for a balance of speed and economy.

With an extensive network of flight operators at our disposal, and a presence in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Panama, Colombia, the United States, and the Bahamas, we can forward your cargo by air to most gateways in Central and South America.

But we’re not just about the logistics itself. In addition to reliable access to air cargo capacity and fast, secure service in the sky, our customer support ethos is well known. Our experts are on hand to support your business with guidance and advice from the moment you request a quote until your shipment is safely with its recipient.

Why not talk to us right now, and let us know about your air freight shipping needs? It’s your first step to a more robust and resilient supply chain. 


Air Freight is… Faster

Air freight shipping is one of the fastest modes of transport, allowing goods to be delivered quickly and efficiently to their destination. It is less affected by traffic congestion or other disruptions that can impact ground or sea transport, which makes it the best option for shippers of time-sensitive goods.

Air Freight is… More Accessible

Unlike ocean freight, which requires coastal ports and sometimes lengthy additional transportation legs by road or rail, air freight can directly access any location in the world, provided there is a suitable airport nearby. This factor makes an air freight forwarder the sensible choice for shipping goods to landlocked destinations or far-flung quarters of the world.

Air Freight is… Versatile

From perishable and hazardous goods to heat-sensitive pharmaceutical products that need to be delivered rapidly and efficiently, air freight stands out as the transportation mode of choice.

Perishable goods are typically packed into a standard-sized air cargo container, which can be cooled electronically or by dry ice during transportation.

Note that some hazardous materials can’t be transported as international air freight, and those that can must be packaged according to regulations imposed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).


Interworld Freight’s Extensive Air Freight Network

Interworld has cultivated relationships with a vast network of companies operating in key American air markets to ensure dependable and cost-effective air freight services between select gateways in the US and Latin America.

Daily Cargo Flights from Miami

From our transit hub in Miami, our air freight specialists can secure space on daily cargo flights to all major airports in Latin America and the Caribbean, connecting your supply chain to vendors, manufacturers, logistics partners, and customers in these regions.

Efficient Transhipment Services

Does your shipping strategy involve air-to-air, air-to-sea, or sea-to-air transshipments? If so, Interworld is the air freight forwarder to call on. Our teams can collect from any airport or seaport in the US and move your freight to Miami under bond, from where we forward it to its destination as international air freight.

Scheduled Weekly Consolidations

Interworld Freight offers scheduled air services to Latin America from the United States. With negotiated space and rate agreements, we seamlessly connect frequent shippers with major markets for supply and demand in South and Central America.

Local Expertise, Global Coverage

No two countries in South America are the same, and only air freight forwarders steeped in local knowledge and import regulations can support you fully as logistics partners covering the region. Interworld Freight is one of those forwarders—but our services are by no means limited to the Americas. Wherever your business is based, we can forward your cargo into or out of the American continent, and to or from just about any point on the globe.

Other Services From InterWorld Freight


Road Freight

Interworld Freight provides trucking between any two points in the United States. Through our brokerage division, we offer LTL and full truckload, first and last mile, and consolidated or expedited trucking that can also be used in combination with our air freight services.

We also use road freight trucking to carry goods securely between airports and seaports as part of our multimodal service—a combination of air and ocean transport.

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Ocean Freight

In addition to being an air freight forwarder, Interworld is a significant force in the American ocean freight service sector, specializing in shipping between the United States and Latin America. We are one of the largest NVOCCs moving freight southwards from the US, with the scale and buying power to secure space and guarantee competitive ocean freight rates.

We also offer a multimodal service, primarily serving trade lanes between China and South America. Under this arrangement, we transport goods as international air freight to Miami and from there by ship to South and Central American ports. 

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Using Interworld Freight ensures your cargo is handled by experienced professionals with a global network, offering tailored solutions, reliable transit times, and competitive pricing for efficient international shipping.

To obtain an air freight quote, contact a freight forwarder or carrier with details of your shipment, including weight, dimensions, origin, destination, and desired transit time. They will provide a customized quote based on these factors.

Air freight cargo shipping involves transporting goods via an aircraft, ideal for rapidly moving perishable, urgent, or high-value items over long distances. It combines speed with reliable arrival and departure times.

Charges are primarily based on weight or volumetric weight, whichever is greater. Rates may also include fuel surcharges, security fees, and handling charges depending on the airport and carrier.

Air freight rates are the prices charged by carriers to transport goods by air. Rates are influenced by cargo weight, size, route, fuel costs, and market demand.

The price per kg for air freight varies depending on the destination, cargo type, urgency, and overall market conditions. Contact carriers for precise, current rates.

Contact a freight forwarder or air cargo carrier with your shipment details to receive a detailed rate per kg based on your specific cargo and destination.

Typical transit time ranges from 1-5 days depending on the route, carrier, flight availability, and customs clearance processes at the destination.

Air cargo shipping rates depend on the shipment’s weight, volume, route, and carrier. Rates fluctuate based on fuel prices, demand, and seasonal factors.