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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Container to Colombia?

The price to ship a container to Colombia is always dependent on the origin of the freight, the route, season, fuel prices, and requirements relating to an individual shipment, such as the size of the container (20-foot or 40-foot).

While we’ve provided some examples of prices on this page, the most accurate indication for your shipping scenario would be in the form of a quote from a carrier, freight forwarder, or NVOCC.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a 20-foot Container?

An average price from $1,500 to $2,500 (USD) is to be expected at current rates if you want to ship a 20-foot container to Colombia.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a 40-foot Container?

Exporters with goods to send to Colombia as FCL freight are typically paying an average price from $2,500 to $3,500(USD) to ship a 40-foot container.

Container Shipping Rates to Colombia

If you plan to ship goods in 20-foot containers, you should be able to access some of the cheapest shipping rates to Colombia for FCL freight. It costs a little more to ship in 40-foot containers. 

For a smaller quantity of freight, say, less than half a container load, your cheapest option is probably to ship it using an LCL service.
See our table for some average prices to ship 20-foot and 40-foot containers to Colombia. For a more accurate guide to pricing, please ask us for an FCL quote.

Port of Loading
Port of Discharge Container Size FCL Rates From (USD)
Port of Cartagena Port of Miami 20-foot $2,000
Port of Cartagena Port of New York/New Jersey 20-foot $2,000
Port of Cartagena Port of Houston 20-foot $2,100
Port of Buenaventura Port of Los Angeles 20-foot $2,750
Port of Barranquilla Port of Miami 20-foot $1,550
Port of Santa Marta Port of New Orleans 20-foot $2,050
Port of Santa Marta Port of Savannah 20-foot $2,250
Port of Cartagena Port of Miami 40-foot $2,375
Port of Cartagena Port of New York/New Jersey 40-foot $3,000
Port of Cartagena Port of Houston 40-foot $3,375
Port of Buenaventura Port of Los Angeles 40-foot $3,700
Port of Barranquilla Port of Miami 40-foot $2,500
Port of Santa Marta Port of New Orleans 40-foot $3,025
Port of Santa Marta Port of Savannah 40-foot $2,950

How Long Does it Take to Ship a Container to Colombia?

Take a look at our table to see some average transit times for FCL container shipping to Colombia from a selection of ports around the world. The transit times shown are for port-to-port shipping. The lengthiest shipping durations are typically from Asian ports, in countries such as China, and from Eastern and southern European ports.

Port of Loading
Port of Discharge Transit Times (Days)
Shanghai, China Port of Cartagena 30-35
Hong Kong, China Port of Cartagena 28-32
Rotterdam, Netherlands Port of Cartagena 15-20
Antwerp, Belgium Port of Cartagena 14-19
Hamburg, Germany Port of Cartagena 18-23
Valencia, Spain Port of Cartagena 10-15
New York, USA Port of Cartagena 7-10
Miami, USA Port of Cartagena 4-7
Los Angeles, USA Port of Buenaventura 18-23
Santos, Brazil Port of Cartagena 10-14
Singapore, Singapore Port of Cartagena 28-32
Jebel Ali, UAE Port of Cartagena 25-30
Sydney, Australia Port of Cartagena 35-40

Colombia Container Shipping Services

When you ship freight to Colombia with us, you’ll find all your logistics needs are covered, because along with ocean container shipping, we also arrange road freight carriage to provide you with a door-to-door solution for goods transportation.


Ocean Freight

Unless you are importing to Colombia by road, ocean freight shipping is a necessity for moving your containerized goods. Book your FCL or LCL shipment with us for reliable, convenient ocean freight transportation.


Road Freight

We can move your container to the port of loading for the maritime leg of your shipment, or from the port of discharge to its final destination in Colombia. Aside from container drayage, we also provide full truckload (FCL) and less-than-truckload road freight services. Click on the links below to learn more about them.


Integrated Shipping for Industry

While we offer freight forwarding for all industrial sectors, we work regularly with customers in several key industries. If your company wishes to import goods to Colombia for one of these industries, our team can support your specialized logistics needs. The links below lead to more information about our freight forwarding expertise in the following sectors:

Ocean Freight to Colombia

When you ship containers to Colombia with Interworld Freight, you’re assured of all the benefits of ocean freight shipping, along with those of having a regional market leader handling your international logistics.

Our team has in-depth comprehension of the peculiarities and challenges of container shipping to Central and South America, and of the strategies and tactics involved in managing them. The result is a streamlined and seamless shipping experience, regardless of whether you choose our full-container-load (FCL) or less-than-container-load (LCL) freight forwarding services.

Of course, it helps to use the service most appropriate for your shipping scenario, so it’s a good idea to get familiar with each of these two ways to ship goods to Colombia in containers.

We can help you decide if LCL or FCL shipping would be your best option, but to keep it simple for now, we recommend our FCL service if your goods consignment will be large enough to fill a 20-foot or 40-foot shipping container, or if you don’t want your freight to be consolidated in the same container as other shippers consignments.

On the other hand, for a smaller shipment, LCL freight is often the better choice, as it removes the need to consider container type and size (unless your goods need temperature control or other specialized equipment for shipping), and fees are based only on the volume and weight of your consignment.

If you choose to send your goods to Colombia as LCL freight, keep in mind that they will share a container with goods belonging to other shippers.


Top 5 Container Shipping Routes to Colombia from America

Here is a list of the American from which our top five container routes to Colombia originate:

  • Brazil
  • Peru
  • Chile
  • USA
  • Argentina

Top 5 Container Shipping Routes from Colombia to America

Do you have freight to ship internationally from Colombia, in addition to your inbound shipping requirements? We can handle your container shipping from Colombia to the rest of the world. American destinations are especially popular with our customers, with routes to the following five countries in wide demand.

  • United States
  • Chile
  • Peru
  • Argentina
  • Brazil

Main Ports in Colombia

We can ship your imports to Colombia as FCL or LCL freight via the container terminals of Buenaventura, Turbo, Cartagena, Barranquilla, or Santa Marta.

  • Shipping container to Buenaventura
  • Shipping container to Turbo
  • Shipping container to Cartagena
  • Shipping container to Barranquilla
  • Shipping container to Santa Marta