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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Container from USA to Brazil?

The price to ship a container from USA to Brazil is never static, because as with all international ocean freight services, a range of variables is always in play. Depending on the size of the container (20-foot or 40-foot) and the route to be taken, rates can begin as low as $600 (USD) and reach as much as $5,000.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a 20-foot Container?

To ship a 20-foot container from the United States to Brazil, expect to see an average price from $600 to $2,500. 

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a 40-foot Container?

When you ship a 40-foot container from the USA to Brazil transportation comes at an average price from $1,000 to $5,000.


Ocean Freight from USA to Brazil

One of the biggest benefits of ocean freight is the number of options for handling specific cargo configurations. Among those options, Full-container-load (FCL) and less-than-container-load (LCL) shipping are among the most popular, since many types of goods and materials can be containerized and shipped from door to door with minimal handling (no handling in the case of FCL).

Indeed, FCL shipping is the ideal choice if you need to ensure maximum security for your goods-in-transit, since after loading, your container remains sealed throughout its journey, and its contents will not be exposed to any handling en-route, except in the event of a customs inspection.

On the other hand, while LCL freight does have to be handled during consolidation and deconsolidation, it enjoys the same protection in transit—from the elements and unwanted human attention—as FCL cargo. However, the LCL pricing structure allows small quantities to be shipped at a very reasonable cost, since you won’t have to pay for the exclusive use of a shipping container.


Top 5 Container Shipping Routes to Brazil from the Americas

Brazil is one of our top container freight destinations, and in addition to routes from the USA, we also ship regularly to Brazil’s main container gateways from the following countries, among others.

  • Guatemala
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Costa Rica

Top 5 Container Shipping Routes from USA to South America

If you’re exporting goods from the USA to South American countries other than Brazil, we can provide the container shipping services you need. The five routes listed below are among the most popular with our customers:

  • Peru
  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • Ecuador
  • Chile

Ocean Freight

For the maritime legs of your shipments, you can choose either full container load (FCL) or less-than-container-load (LCL) shipping.


Road Freight

When you need to get your goods moved to and from ocean freight terminals and/or consolidation/deconsolidation centers, our road freight services, which include container drayage, FTL and LTL trucking, make it as simple as can be.


Integrated Shipping for Industry

While container shipping is a standardized practice, goods for some industries require special handling practices and conditions. We offer specialized container services for US imports connected with the following industries:


Interworld Freight provides FCL and LCL container freight forwarding to the following 20 ports in Brazil. 

Shipping container to Rio de Janeiro
Shipping container to Santos
Shipping container to Navegantes
Shipping container to Fortaleza
Shipping container to Vila do Conde
Shipping container to Itaqui
Shipping container to Pecem
Shipping container to Natal
Shipping container to Recife
Shipping container to Suape
Shipping container to Vitoria
Shipping container to Sepetiba
Shipping container to Sao Sebastiao
Shipping container to Paranagua
Shipping container to Santos
Shipping container to Itapoa
Shipping container to Sao Francisco
Shipping container to Itajai
Shipping container to Porto Alegre
Shipping container to Rio Grande