How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Container to Chile?

The price to ship a container to Chile will be determined by several factors, some of them as follows:

  • The port and country of departure
  • The distance your cargo will need to travel
  • The size of the container (20-foot or 40-foot)
  • The time of year
  • The current demand for freight capacity
  • The price of fuel
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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a 20-foot Container?

An average price from $2,000 to $2,500 (USD) is currently the norm for exporters wishing to ship a 20-foot container to Chile.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a 40-foot Container?

To ship a 40-foot container to Chile, it’s likely that you will be charged an average price from $3,000 to $3,500 (USD).


Container Shipping Rates to Chile

We’ve created a table with approximate ranges of shipping rates to Chile for cargo in 20-foot containers, which are the cheapest units to ship, and also for 40-foot containers, which typically ship at slightly higher rates. Please note that the prices in the table are for FCL shipping only, and don’t include any over-the-road transportation to or from the ports.

Chile Container Shipping Services

Shipping containerized cargo to Chile typically involves two or more modes of transportation. Along with ocean freight forwarding, you will need carriers to move your container to the port of loading in your country of export, and from the port of discharge to its destination in Chile.

That’s why we offer integrated ocean and road freight solutions for both LCL and FCL freight to Chile. Instead of dealing with multiple carriers or forwarders, you can arrange and manage all transportation for your container via a single point of contact.


Ocean Freight

Choose from our less-than-container-load (LCL) or full container load (FCL) ocean freight services to move your goods to key ports in Chile. For more details, navigate to our FCL and LCL service pages.


Road Freight

We’ve developed our range of road freight services to integrate with our ocean freight forwarding and solve any domestic or international shipping problem. Access container drayage, LTL, and FTL road haulage for complete door-to-door shipping, or as standalone services in Chile, or in your country of export.


Container Shipping to Chile for Specific Industries

Our freight forwarding experts help customers in a range of industries requiring specialized shipping and cargo management, including the following five sectors:

Ocean Freight to Chile

When you choose Interworld Freight for less-than-container-load (LCL) or full-container-load (FCL) shipping to Chile, you’re assured of all the benefits of ocean freight managed by a freight-forwarding leader.

We can deliver you a prompt, competitive quote for shipping your FCL or LCL freight on request, provide integrated logistics services to satisfy shipping requirements, coordinate transportation handovers, and ensure you have real-time visibility of your shipment’s progress throughout.

Choose LCL shipping if your consignment’s volume is less than 15 cubic meters (five to six pallets). We’ll consolidate your freight with other shippers’ consignments to fill a container, while you pay only for the space your freight occupies.

For larger consignments, it’s often more cost-effective to use our FCL service. FCL is also a good idea if you want to avoid the risks of consolidation, such as when issues with another shipper’s goods create a delay in container delivery. 


Top 5 Americas Container Shipping Routes to Chile

We connect Chile with all its most prominent strategic trading partners. Talk to us about importing containerised goods into Chile from the following countries, from which five of our most popular routes originate.

  • Puerto Rico
  • Colombia
  • USA
  • Honduras
  • Panama

Top 5 Container Shipping Routes from Chile to American Countries

If you have freight that you wish to ship from Chile to destinations in North, South, or Central America, we offer the services to meet your needs. Here are the destination countries for five of our top routes from Chile.

  • United States
  • The Bahamas
  • Panama
  • Puerto Rico
  • Guatemala

Main Ports in Chile

Chile’s coastline comprises a vast swathe of South America’s Western seaboard, so it should be no surprise that the country boasts container ports aplenty. We can ship your containerised freight via the following ports in Chile:
  • Shipping container to Arica
  • Shipping container to Iquique
  • Shipping container to Puerto Angamos
  • Shipping container to Antofagasta
  • Shipping container to Valparaiso
  • Shipping container to San Antonio
  • Shipping container to Lirquen
  • Shipping container to Talcahuano
  • Shipping container to San Vicente
  • Shipping container to Puerto Montt
  • Shipping container to Puerto Chacabuco
  • Shipping container to Puerto Natales